Technical tours

Sunday June 12, 2022

A walk in old quebec : rockfalls and landslides

Presenters : Jacques Locat, Dominique Turmel, Shawn Tremblay

Time : 3h00  |   Departures : 1h30 pm (students) - 2h00 pm (regular)

Old Quebec, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is bounded by high cliffs formed from sedimentary rocks. Since colonization, many rocky slides have occurred along these cliffs, landslides responsible for the deaths of nearly a hundred people. This tour of Old Quebec aims to present, by walking through some of the most touristic streets of Quebec City, the geological setting of the area, while observing the various problems and solutions related to rocky instabilities. Particular attention will be paid to the sector of rue Petit Champlain, an area where several large-scale rock falls have occurred over the past 225 years.

Source : Collections de l'université Laval, Photo 0052 (gauche) et Photo 0978 (droite)

Wednesday June 15, 2022

Technical tour of different hazards in the St-Lawrence Lowlands

Presenters : Pascal Locat, Thomas Fournier, Richard Fortier, Rémi Mompin, Ariane Locat, Sophie Pelletier, Maxime Bolduc, Didier Perret


Time : All day (8h30 am to 5h30 pm)

The tour of the St. Lawrence Lowlands on the south and north shores of the river will allow us to observe different types of hazards. It will combine geological, geotechnical, risk analysis and management aspects with culinary delights from our local producers.   


Our visit will start at the site of a slow slide in pre-glacial clays, where the instrumentation set up for the continuous monitoring of on-site movements will be presented. We will then head towards the city of Trois-Rivières to observe a gully and cavity phenomenon created by suffosion in deltaïc sands. The multi-disciplinary research project of Laval University on this phenomenon will be presented. We will then stop in St-Luc-de Vincennes where a mixed landslide will be observed. This landslide, which started with a flowslide and ended with a spread, changed the entire experts' approach on field inspections after an incident occurred. Our tour will end at Montmorency Falls to learn about seismic risks that were considered for the construction of a new bridge to Île d'Orléans. The results of geotechnical investigations carried out on this site and the challenges encountered will be presented.


Note: The tour will take place rain or shine so please dress accordingly and make sure to wear appropriate footwear in case of rough terrain.

Source : Archives du ministère des Transports